Togetherness Project

A Dreamforce initiative

Inspiring Experiences, Delivered by the Salesforce Partner Community

Join us this Dreamforce season for some inspiration, education and magic.

Every year, the Salesforce community comes from all over the world to connect, to learn, to be inspired, to lift others up, move some business forward, and have a little fun.

Although the landscape for 2020 is vastly different, the opportunity to rally our efforts in support of our customers, partners, communities and each other is greater than ever.

Welcome to the Togetherness Project: a digital community event space for all Salesforce partners surrounding Dreamforce to You 2020.

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    Supporting local artists, businesses and charitable efforts, partners offer events with a cause. 

  • Education

    Serving as the forefront of updated knowledge and content within the industry, partners always deliver. Learn from the best in the events offered below. 



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    Inspiration spurs from many realms. The virtual events below will not only contain relevant information but will provide inspiration to all audiences. 

Discover inspiring experiences presented by partners

Check back frequently - the Togetherness Project is adding new events daily