August 8, 2022 | Montreal, QC and San Francisco, CA

Coveo Makes First Round of Donations of Equity, Time and Technology as Part of its Pledge 1% Contribution

Coveo (TSX:CVO), a leader in relevance platforms that transform search, recommendations, and personalization within digital experiences, announced today its first round of contributions under Pledge 1%, a global movement to inspire, educate, and empower all companies to leverage their assets for good. Coveo will contribute time, products, expertise and money to support programs with a focus on organizations that provide learning and growth opportunities, including knowledge-sharing and mentoring, technical access, and financial assistance for young people (12-18 years old) in vulnerable social groups. 

“At Coveo, we believe equal and unconstrained access to knowledge and education is the ultimate social equalizer,” said Louis Têtu, Chairman and CEO at Coveo. “We view this pledge as an investment in our community and our future. However, we also see this as a pathway to building a stronger company where shared values and commitment will drive us forward together. Pledge 1% puts us in a great position to build both a stronger business and brighter future.”

Coveo commits to its 1-1-1-1 pledge through the following means: 

  • 1% of its time by launching Deed, a Volunteering Hub where employees will be able to access and create volunteer opportunities, log hours, and track their impact.
  • 1% of its equity to several organizations within the educational, inclusion, and environmental spheres including ActuaLOVEPour 3 PointsGirlstartInterligne, and Environmental Defence
  • 1% of its time and product by offering software and consulting to Alloprof, a Quebec-based non for profit that offers parents and students aged 6-17 free, practical resources to help them succeed along their academic journey.

“By leveraging Coveo’s industry-leading AI technology, Alloprof will be able to create a better website search experience that will help students find the learning content they’re looking for,” said Sandrine Faust, co-founder and executive director of Alloprof.

In addition to community support efforts, Coveo will also commit to minimizing environmental impact, promoting the wellbeing and growth of Coveo employees, and adhering to the highest levels of corporate governance to ensure it’s doing what is right for all company stakeholders.

“In this era of increasing digitalization, leading tech companies like Coveo have a particular responsibility to share technology, expertise and even profits and equity to create better access to tools, information and opportunities,” said Sheila Morin, SVP - Marketing & ESG at Coveo. “Just as Coveo is committed to making a difference for our customers, we’re also committed to making a difference in our community. Through the Pledge 1%, we can help democratize knowledge and education, which are key levers for human wellness, to combat poverty, and to reduce inequalities and this first round of donations is just the beginning.”


About Coveo Solutions

We believe that relevance and personalization are critical for businesses to win in the new digital experience economy, to serve people the way they expect, and that applied AI is an imperative. Coveo is a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform. Our SaaS-native, multi-tenant platform injects search, recommendations, and personalization solutions into digital experiences. We provide solutions for commerce, service, website, and workplace applications. Our solutions are designed to provide tangible value to our customers by helping drive conversion and revenue growth, increase profitability, reduce customer support costs, increase customer satisfaction and website engagement, and improve employee proficiency and satisfaction. 


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