December 8, 2022 | Montreal, QC and San Francisco, CA

Coveo Announces the Winners of the 2022 Coveo Relevance Awards

Coveo Solutions Inc, (TSX:CVO), a leader in AI-powered relevance platforms that transform search, recommendations, personalization, and merchandising within digital experiences, announced the recipients of this year’s Coveo Relevance Awards. These awards are presented to Coveo customers that are transforming the customer or employee experience with the power of AI using the Coveo Relevance Cloud™ platform. The awards are classified into 4 categories, including: Innovators Award, Impact Award, Industry Leader Award, and Pinnacle Award.

“Our customers are doing truly inspiring work when it comes to creating best-in-class experiences with our AI platform,” said Louis Tetu, CEO and Chairman at Coveo. “Not only are they using Coveo to help transform search, recommendations, and personalization across their organizations, but they are also favorably impacting their revenue and profitability. With so many transformational stories, it really was challenging to choose a winner in each category. Congratulations to this year’s customer award winners!”

According to Xero, a winner in the Innovators Category and Caleres, a winner in the Impact Category:

“Over the past five years, our implementation of Coveo has, most critically, improved our customers’ support experience, contributed to an increase in engagement with our education offering, lifted our self-service rates, and contributed to an improvement in Xero’s gross margin. Our goal is to continually improve. We want to provide a better customer support experience today than we did yesterday – and this technology will help us do that.” - Nigel Piper, Executive General Manager, Customer Experience, Xero

“Coveo is an essential enabler of our philosophy in focusing on the customer, and with their AI, relevance, and personalization, we can create smooth and impressive website experiences that feel easy and natural. Coveo’s relevance engine is central to the functionality of our ecommerce sites. With Coveo, we increased our conversion rate by 25% with onsite search, and by 23% with Machine Learning Result Ranking.” - Dan Cornwell, Director of Ecommerce and Digital Experience, Caleres

And the winners of this year’s Coveo Customer Awards are…

Innovators Award: Celebrates teams, organizations, and trailblazers who deliver unprecedented, end-to-end experiences. From customers to employees, they find innovative, creative ways to use Coveo’s AI-powered relevance platform.

  • Xero
  • Project Management Institute
  • Athenahealth
  • Synopsis

Impact Award: Recognizes a company whose efforts and successes have made a clear impact on business outcomes. With tangible results and impressive metrics, this leader has achieved the highest impact on revenue or profitability by deploying Coveo.

  • Commvault
  • Caleres
  • Forcepoint
  • Informatica

Industry Leader Award: Honors a customer who has driven organizational change with Coveo. This transformation has distinguished them as the best-of-the best in their industry.

  • Fleetpride
  • A Leading Travel & Expense Management Company
  • A Leading Financial Services Corporation

Pinnacle Award; Celebrates a company with the broadest deployment of Coveo. They have amplified the impact of our relevance platform across their enterprise in multiple use cases, delivering clear results with both customers and employees.

  • Adobe
  • Netapp
  • Salesforce
  • Workday

Learn more about our customer success stories.

About Coveo Solutions

We believe that relevance and personalization are critical for businesses to win in the new digital experience economy, to serve people the way they expect, and that applied AI is an imperative. Coveo is a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform. Our SaaS-native, multi-tenant platform injects search, recommendations, and personalization solutions into digital experiences. We provide solutions for commerce, service, website, and workplace applications. Our solutions are designed to provide tangible value to our customers by helping drive conversion and revenue growth, increase profitability, reduce customer support costs, increase customer satisfaction and website engagement, and improve employee proficiency and satisfaction. 


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