September 29, 2020 | San Francisco, CA and Quebec City, QC

Coveo Introduces Data Residency for Europe and APAC

The additions of new primary regions in Dublin and Sydney provide options for Coveo’s global customers

Coveo, the leading relevance platform for search, recommendations and personalization, today announces the expansion of its cloud infrastructure to Europe and Australia. This allows multi-national organizations, bound by internal security policies and/or privacy laws, to be in full compliance while taking advantage of the Coveo Relevance Platform.

The Coveo Relevance Platform provides an exceptional digital experience for more than 550 global organizations. The introduction of two new primary centers in Ireland and Australia, in addition to the United States, lets organizations have options on where their data is processed and stored.

“The addition of these two primary regions are a continuation of Coveo’s expanding infrastructure,” says Laurent Simoneau, president and CTO, Coveo. “In the past, we had added multiple regions to handle user queries to reduce latency and handle data replication. For Europe and Australia, we now have complete, independent, primary regions where 100% of the activities and data processing will remain within the region. Customers will have complete control in choosing their primary center.”

Regardless of region, Simoneau assures that all Coveo Data Centers are updated multiple times each day and always run the very latest version of the Coveo Relevance Platform.

“Data residency capabilities are an integral part of delivering on the security requirements imposed by regulators and internal IT teams alike,” says Mark Floisand, SVP product marketing, Coveo. “With data residency, it is far easier for organizations to control data usage and compliance, which helps you avoid unintentional violations and substantial fines in a world where the rules are constantly changing.”

Customers’ data privacy and security continue to be top priorities:

  • Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, and the Coveo index is completely segregated from other customer data

  • Coveo conducts meticulous self-assessments to verify internal controls and undergoes rigorous third-party audits

  • Principles of zero trust are applied throughout our global cloud infrastructure forcing anything and everything, whether it’s inside the perimeter or out, within a service region or beyond, to authenticate before granting access.

  • Coveo offers customer support to help them meet obligations under the California Consumer Privacy Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA

About Coveo

Coveo enables enterprises to thrive in the experience age, through delivering unique experiences that are relevant, unified, and valuable. The Coveo Relevance platform uses AI, intelligent search and recommendation technologies to personalize millions of digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees, for many of the world’s most admired digital experience leaders. Coveo delivers solutions for Commerce, Service and the Workplace built on the Coveo Relevance platform, with Coveo-accredited SI partners globally, and through Alliances with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore and more.

Coveo and the Coveo Relevance Platform are trademarks of Coveo Solutions, Inc.

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