Respond to your most complex queries with ease with a secure, scalable, and cloud-based unified index.

What is an index and what purpose does it serve?

At the heart of the search experience, the index (or inverted index in this case) is the data structure designed for very fast full-text search. It is comprised of a list of all the unique terms that appear in your documents, and, for each one of those, a list of the documents in which they appears.


A single unified index allows for homogenous ranking of search results, regardless of their sources. This is what helps to set Coveo apart from federated searches where ranking algorithms can be inconsistent and on a collision course.



Coveo provides built-in mechanisms to process security in a scalable and granular fashion that can only be achieved with deep integration to the index. This permits document level security at scale without having to rely on filtering results at query time, which compromises security and efficiency.

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Scalable and Flexible

Whether your organization has a few thousand or hundreds of millions of documents to index, you want to be sure that your search will scale with your enterprise, without compromising speed or results. Coveo’s enterprise-level search allows for virtually limitless indexing and flexibility in deployment options.


Coveo Indexing Pipeline

Our indexing pipeline takes your diverse content and puts it through a series of transformational steps before entering the index to ensure the best user experience.

Our Indexing Pipeline Extensions normalize and enrich your data. Conversion scripts are executed in a secure, isolated container and are processed in stages, giving you full control of the process.



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Coveo on Elasticsearch

With Coveo on Elasticsearch, you can now use the leading cognitive search platform on top of the most popular open source index for maximum scalability, flexibility and relevance.
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