July 7, 2016 | Quebec City, QC

Coveo to create 50 jobs in Montreal’s Innovation District

Hyper-growth Intelligent Search company chooses Montreal for its fourth international office and will create 50 new highly-qualified jobs for the city's multicultural, connected workforce in the Innovation District

Coveo, a global leader in intelligent search and predictive insights, announced today an investment of $5 million to expand beyond its current offices in Quebec City, San Francisco and Amsterdam to the heart of Montreal’s Innovation District. Set to open this December, Coveo’s newest office will become an important creative and digital hub and, over the next 24 months, create over 50 new highly qualified jobs. Hiring has already begun for Montreal office positions, and current job openings are available at MTL2016.coveo.com.

“We are in a new era of enterprise IT, where data from all sources can be turned into intelligence to suggest how best to organize tasks. This is a fundamental change in the nature of work and customer experiences,” explained Coveo CEO Louis Têtu, whose intelligent search and predictive insights technology is recognized as best in class by world-renowned firms like Gartner and Forrester. Têtu continued, “We are helping to shape the fast growing big data and intelligent systems industries and have been growing revenue bookings consistently at 100 percent over prior-year quarters. We’re investing in Montreal, a city rich in creative and talented minds, to take Coveo to the next level.”

Recognized earlier this month as Intelligent Community of 2016 by the Intelligent Community Forum, Montreal is a multicultural model of innovation, technology and the arts that boasts a well-educated and highly-qualified workforce. “As far as our current expansion plans are concerned, there's no question that Montreal’s Innovation District helped it beat out a number of other major technology hubs. We’re proud of our Canadian and Quebec roots, and our investments in Montreal will result in new jobs for many talented locals.” Montreal’s Innovation District was recently recognized as first runner-up for the grand prize of Le Monde’s Smart Cities Innovation Awards. Located near the heart of downtown Montreal, the Innovation District has already attracted the largest concentration of IT and multimedia employees in Canada, and it continues to attract organizations such as Coveo.

“Our new Montreal office is just the first of our investments in the city,” continued Têtu. “We have an amazing pipeline of cloud solutions, and the integration of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data-driven personalization to our technology creates huge market opportunities. We believe Montreal is the best place for us to build on this momentum and assert our position as market leader. Stay tuned!"

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