April 25, 2016 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

Coveo Drives Digital Customer Experience With New Self-Learning, Intelligent Site Search

Cloud-based Intelligent Site Search for Sitecore Websites and System Integrators Automatically Delivers the Best Information to Every Site Visitor, Every Time

Coveo, a recognized leader in intelligent search, today introduced a new Sitecore native search app, Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition and a new version of its native, on-premise Sitecore integration, Coveo for Sitecore v4.0. Both new editions help Sitecore customers and system integrators deliver the most relevant, contextual digital customer experiences. According to Forrester Research, great site-search capabilities can give companies "the edge in the race to win, serve, and retain customers" and are "critical to delivering digital CX."1

Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition is the first and only cloud-based intelligent search app with native integration to Sitecore. The Coveo Pro Cloud Edition enables fast and easy activation and configuration, elastic scalability, and always-on, automated relevance tuning along with relevant query suggestions. Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition includes the advanced, analytics-based machine learning capabilities of Coveo Reveal, a self-learning search service to ensure contextual relevance for every site visitor. Coveo Reveal automatically learns from user behavior, tunes relevance, suggests intelligent queries and auto-completes search terms. The Pro Cloud Edition also includes Coveo Usage Analytics, automatically configured to provide insights on what site visitors really want and what engages them most.

Coveo for Sitecore v4.0 is a major new version of the Coveo for Sitecore native search integration for on-premise deployments, with new and enhanced features that make intelligent search interfaces highly flexible and easy to configure, and helps Sitecore customers and system integrators to deliver search and discovery experiences that are personalized to visitors' unique contexts. Coveo for Sitecore v4.0 is available in three editions - Free, Pro and Enterprise - to meet the needs of Sitecore implementations of all sizes.

"As Sitecore’s largest technology partner, we are committed to giving the Sitecore SI community and expansive customer base next-level tools for personalized, digital customer experiences - without the heavy lifting, yet with the performance, scalability and security that SIs and large organizations require,” said Coveo CTO and Founder Laurent Simoneau. “Our beta program participants reported striking results."

According to Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore Executive Vice President, Customer Experience, "Intelligent search helps to drive personalization and make contextual content marketing pervasive throughout the search experience for Sitecore customers. The new Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition not only makes it easier to deploy and manage site search, but also introduces machine learning capabilities that learn from the search behavior of previous site visitors to automatically improve the results and experience for everyone. This is a great example of partners extending the value of Sitecore through Omnichannel Automation."

Coveo's new intelligent search apps for Sitecore websites:

  • Give web visitors the right content at the right time. With content, messaging, and product offers automatically crafted based upon each visitor’s unique activity and profile, customers engage with contextually relevant content more actively and convert faster.

  • Increase content ROI & digital customer engagement - by unifying content from all microsites, web properties and online communities.

  • Deliver the great search visitors expect - regardless of device. The site search experience always appears optimally across all mobile devices, providing consistent experiences and engagement.

  • Provide intuitive site navigation & exploration. By enabling easy-to-configure, highly conversational navigation, filtering and previewing options with visual components, online users can more easily explore sites to find exactly what they want.

  • Learn what website visitors really want - with powerful and intuitive analytics that provide insight into customer context and intent.

  • The Coveo Pro Cloud Edition lets websites learn and automatically adjust for what works for site visitors - with the industry’s first self-learning and self-tuning search relevance service.

Focus on Sitecore System Integrators and Web Developers

Coveo is now offering its system integrator partners exclusive programs to test and use the technology on their own websites, along with free trials for their projects. Developers of Sitecore websites can activate or download trial versions here.

Beta program participants included Dan Cruickshank, president of Sitecore consultancy Fishtank, who reported:

"In my opinion, Coveo for Sitecore Pro Cloud Edition, in combining its cloud architecture and Coveo Reveal, is the most significant innovation on the Sitecore platform in years. The new cloud-model provides the perfect architecture for enterprise integrations, and is proving to be the most value-rich part of any Sitecore implementation we do. The simplicity of the Coveo for Sitecore cloud-based architecture is proving to be a revelation in simplifying complex integrations."

Jeff Hansen, content solutions lead with Coveo partner SingleStone Consulting, also a beta program partner, commented:

"We’ve always been fans of Coveo for Sitecore, and now with the Pro Cloud Edition we can give our customers the ability to personalize digital experiences with less effort than ever before. It’s a win-win for our customers and for our firm. Our experience with the beta program has been very positive and we’re looking forward to working with the Pro Cloud Edition even more, to help our customers provide the best experience for their site visitors."

Interactive webinar: Interested media, Sitecore MVPs, developers and customers are invited to join an upcoming interactive webinar for a discussion and open Q&A session with the Coveo for Sitecore product management team on Thursday, May 5 at 12 PM ET/ 9 AM PT.

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[1] Google-ize Your Site-Search Experience. Follow Three Best Practices To Ensure Site Search Matches Your Customer Experience Goals, By Anjali Yakkundi, Dominique Whittaker with Stephen Powers, Deanna Laufer, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Danielle Geoffroy, Peter Harrison, October 19, 2015

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