November 18, 2015 | Quebec City, QC And San Mateo, CA

Coveo Unveils Coveo Machine Learning, the First Cloud-based Self-learning Search Service for the Enterprise

‘Data scientist in a box’ automatically enhances search results and proactive recommendations for more engaging and successful search-driven experiences

Coveo, a recognized leader in intelligent search, today introduced Coveo Machine Learning™, the first cloud-based, self-learning search service for the enterprise. Coveo Machine Learning is a patent-pending, analytics-based machine learning service that continually analyzes search behavior patterns to understand which results and content lead to the best outcomes, such as customer self-service success. In addition to intuitively enhancing search results so the best-performing content always rises to the top, Coveo Machine Learning automatically delivers the most relevant search results and proactive recommendations with less effort than ever before.

Search relevance is essential for companies that want to gain value from their data stores, but research finds they often struggle with the required foundational work such as underlying metadata projects and taxonomies. Gartner Research shows that approximately 90 percent of taxonomy projects fail(1), while Forrester Research finds that less than half of companies have a metadata strategy, and even those that do, have only partially implemented it(2). Based on analytics and machine learning, Coveo Machine Learning acts as a ‘data scientist in a box,’ enabling organizations to create high-impact search experiences without the effort traditionally associated with deep taxonomies, extensive metadata projects, manual search tuning, and the complexity of machine learning projects.

“Coveo Machine Learning transforms the way people search and discover insights that matter,” said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo President and CTO. “Coveo Machine Learning recognizes intent, learns what others have found valuable, and presents relevant information even without an explicit search match. It also transforms the management of search applications, drastically reducing efforts by removing the need to continually fine-tune and update relevance, and eliminating the need for complex thesaurus and metadata programs.”

Benefits of Coveo Machine Learning:
  • Understands intent, learns what people need, and delivers it: Coveo Machine Learning continuously learns and adjusts based on the intelligence gathered from the community of users’ search behavior and successes to improve the results and experiences for everyone. Even without an explicit match between what is entered as a search and the right result, Coveo Machine Learning understands intent and what works, and simply surfaces the right answer.
  • Users find more with less effort: Coveo Machine Learning enables organizations to create high-impact search experiences without the effort traditionally associated with manual search tuning and complexity of machine learning projects. Rather than devote full time staff and consultants to analyze user search behavior and use that to tune the engine, Coveo Machine Learning does it all automatically.
  • Does the heavy lifting: With Coveo Machine Learning, IT and business organizations can deploy higher-level, simpler taxonomies; not struggle with extensive metadata management programs; and use basic, lighter-weight thesauruses that will not become outdated as quickly as they are created.
  • Automates search tuning and offers precision control for administrators: The automated relevance tuning performed by Coveo Machine Learning works in tandem with the rules and tuning established by administrators. It offers intuitive precision control for admins, allowing them to also manually analyze behavior and boost specific results.
  • Upskills your employees and customers all the time: When people have the most relevant information at the precise moment of need, they learn in real time. Coveo Machine Learning gives everyone the information they need, when they need it, based on what has helped others in the past with the same or similar issues.

“Information from Coveo Usage Analytics has been extremely valuable to us, helping to increase the usability and self-service capability of our partner community,” said David Wylie, manager, central partner operations at VMware, a Coveo Machine Learning beta customer. “Once we’ve deployed Coveo Machine Learning completely, it will ingest the analytics on search behavior and use it to automatically tune results. This will help us to create even better experiences for our partners automatically, without us having to analyze the analytics and manually tune the engine.  Preliminary results look very good.”


The first Coveo Machine Learning-powered capabilities are available in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition.

About Coveo

Coveo is on a mission to transform business by engaging customers with greater relevance and upskilling employees with intelligent search, where and when they work and interact. Coveo Intelligent Search Apps unleash the power of fragmented, disparate information from across the enterprise IT ecosystem, cloud and on-premise, to surface and recommend what matters: relevant information, people, products and services. Recognized as the Most Visionary Leader in Enterprise Search by Gartner and as a leader in Big Data Search and Knowledge Discovery by Forrester, Coveo intelligent search allows companies to succeed at self-service, create high performance contact centers, and cultivate company-wide collaboration. With the search industry’s highest security standards, broadest connectivity and greatest relevance, Coveo removes complexity to make intelligent search work, quickly and effectively, with the only end-to-end intelligent search platform in the cloud. Coveo has more than 1500 activations in mid-to-large size, global organizations across multiple industries. Coveo partners with some of the world’s largest enterprise technology ecosystems, such as Salesforce, where contextual insights from outside the platform are critical to delivering a unified experience for their customers. For more information, please visit, and follow us on the Coveo blogLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

1.) Gartner, Use Five Practical Steps to Revitalize a Business-Driven Taxonomy by Hanns Koehler-Kruener and Gavin Tay, March 19, 2015

2.) Forrester Research, Best Practices: Establish Your Metadata Plan by Henry Peyret, June 22, 2010


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