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Coveo Machine-Learning Capability Self-Learning Relevance Service Now Available Free in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition

New Coveo Machine Learning relevance service automatically and continuously learns from community members to improve search results for everyone

SAN MATEO, CA AND QUEBEC – December 7, 2015 

Coveo, a recognized leader in intelligent search, today announced that the self-learning and tuning relevance capabilities featured in its new Coveo Machine Learning service are now available in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition at no charge to Coveo customers. As a self-learning service, Coveo Machine Learning automatically and continuously improves the relevance of search results, and builds on Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition by making proactive recommendations and query suggestions faster and easier than ever before for greater self-service success.

Coveo Machine Learning is a patent-pending, analytics-based machine learning service that continually analyzes search behavior patterns to understand which results and content lead to the best outcomes, such as customers finding information they need without intervention from support teams. On Salesforce Communities, Coveo Machine Learning understands what helps customers solve their own challenges, and automatically tunes the Coveo Intelligent Search engine to respond to a specific search or make a recommendation based on what other similar users within a community have found to be most useful. Its unique architecture makes Coveo Machine Learning highly responsive to changes in user activity due to seasonal variations, news, new products, and user preference trends.

“Coveo Machine Learning enhances the search experience of community members today and looks like an interesting play for the future,” said Paul Greenberg, President of the consulting firm, The 56 Group, and author of CRM at the Speed of Light 4th Edition and The Commonwealth of Self-Interest. “Understanding exactly what helps specific customers, partners, and even employees on such communities to succeed, and automatically adjusting results and recommendations on the fly would have previously taken a great deal of effort.”

Improved search relevance for Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition
Beta program Machine Learnings big benefits of Coveo Machine Learning

Coveo for Salesforce Community Cloud customers have been testing the new service for several months as part of a beta program, and have found significant improvements in content relevance and engagement, including:

“Coveo Machine Learning automatically and continually increases the relevance of search results and proactive recommendations to the customers’ needs and contexts,” said Laurent Simoneau, Coveo CTO and President. “Thanks to its constant learning and tuning, community managers and search teams can become more strategic and less reactive. Time currently spent on search analytics and tuning, and constantly updating thesauruses and meta-data projects are reduced significantly or even eliminated. We’ve seen reductions in search management efforts of up to 75% in our beta program.”


Coveo Machine Learning is immediately available in Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition. Coveo customers can use the self-learning service to enhance query suggestions and automatically tune the relevance of search results at no charge. Additional Coveo Machine Learning capabilities – such as proactive recommendations based on what is trending today or within the recent past – are available at an additional cost.

About Coveo for Salesforce – Community Edition

Coveo for Salesforce – Community Cloud Edition is an intelligent search service for Salesforce Community Cloud. It enables more effective customer, partner, and employee self-service engagement by empowering community members to quickly find accurate answers to their questions from across all enterprise systems and applications, and automatically recommending helpful information based upon users’ unique context and task at hand. More information:

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