September 30, 2015 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

Coveo is Named a Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner

Coveo, a leading provider of intelligent search apps, today announced that it is a Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner. The partnership will allow Coveo and Sitecore to deploy more personalized website search experiences to organizations worldwide via collaborative sales, marketing and product development initiatives.

Sitecore, the global leader in customer experience management software, recently rolled out an official Technology Partner Program to more closely align the needs of its customers with that of their technology partners. The goal of the program is to offer complementary technologies to optimize customers’ experience with Sitecore. The new partner program is structured to support Sitecore’s partner-led business model and provide additional capability to help Sitecore’s clients grow and scale their business.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner,” says Marie-Michele Caron, Director of Strategic Alliances at Coveo. “This Platinum designation is a testament to our deep domain expertise in intelligent search and our commitment to deliver best-in-class search, relevance and usability that unlocks the full potential of the Sitecore platform for organizations worldwide.”

Coveo for Sitecore - Free Edition is an enterprise-class website search solution fully integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform™. Managed directly through the Sitecore administration console, it ships with a flexible JavaScript & HTML UI, enabling Sitecore developers and partners to build fully customized search pages using the Coveo framework and toolkit. To ensure marketers and administrators know precisely what visitors are searching for and how successfully they are connecting with high-impact content, Coveo for Sitecore - Free Edition delivers an actionable and easy-to-use analytics engine, fully integrated with Sitecore Experience Analytics.

For organizations who take advantage of Sitecore's Experience Database (xDB) to personalize the website experience for their visitors, Coveo offers Coveo for Sitecore - Enterprise Edition. This edition provides full integration with the xDB, letting administrators personalize the search-driven content each visitor is exposed to based on their unique profile, history and site activity. Coveo’s enterprise edition also enables the swift and secure indexing of any third-party content source - including CRM systems, external product catalogs, legacy knowledge bases and more - so administrators can leverage and display any external data with ease on their Sitecore website.

“In today’s on-demand world, patience is not a characteristic we typically associate with our clientele when it comes to finding information,” said Scott Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore. “This is why our relationship with Coveo is so important to us and our customers. Coveo brings an invaluable searching and indexing capability to the Sitecore platform and they do so in varying steps depending on our customers’ level of maturity, making it easy for people to do business not only with us, but Coveo as well. We’re proud to call them a Platinum Technology Partner.”

About Sitecore

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. The company delivers highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue. With the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand, across every channel.

About Coveo

Coveo is on a mission to transform business by improving people’s skills, knowledge, and proficiency with Search. Coveo Search Apps unleash the power of fragmented, disparate information from across the enterprise IT ecosystem at every point-of-work.  Recognized as the Most Visionary Leader in Enterprise Search by Gartner, Coveo enterprise search allows companies to create high performance contact centers, cultivate company-wide collaboration, and succeed at self-service. With the search industry’s highest security standards, broadest connectivity and greatest relevance control and configurability, Coveo removes complexity to make search work, quickly and effectively. Coveo partners with some of the world’s largest enterprise technology ecosystems, such as Salesforce, where contextual insights from outside the platform are critical to delivering a unified experience for their customers.  For more information, please visit, and follow us on the Coveo blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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