August 11, 2015 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

Coveo For Salesforce Receives KCS Aligned Certification

The company's intelligent search applications for Salesforce are noted for unified indexing capabilities, tight integration with Salesforce and superior search analytics

Coveo today announced that Coveo for Salesforce has received the Knowledge Centered Support (KCSsm) Aligned designation from the KCS Academy of the Consortium for Service Innovation. In addition, Coveo now has 10 KCS V5 Certified practitioners across its professional services and customer success teams.

The KCS Academy offers a KCS Aligned designation for vendors who provide tools (software/systems) or services (consulting and training) that complement and/or enable KCS best practices in the workplace.

“Coveo for Salesforce addresses two common challenges customer-focused organizations face in adopting KCS: integrating use of the knowledge base into the workflow and search analytics,” said Greg Oxton, Executive Director of the Consortium for Service Innovation. “With Coveo and Salesforce Service and Community Clouds, agents can search early and search often, since the search is integrated directly within their workspace. Agents understand what content customers have already viewed via self-service portals which accelerates the problem solving process. They can quickly improve an existing article or create a new article and link it to a case. Managers leverage Coveo usage analytics to gain insight into how knowledge is being used by both customers and support agents. The analytics identify content gaps and enable continuous improvement in the search experience."

The KCS Academy highlighted three Coveo for Salesforce capabilities that support KCS processes across both Salesforce Service and Community Clouds:  

  • Securely Unifies the IT “Ecosystem of Record”: Coveo for Salesforce provides improved findability of information and expertise via the secure, unified index of information and expertise from across the IT ecosystem of record (defined as all of an organization’s varied, cloud and on-premise information systems) including multiple Salesforce orgs.  Contextually relevant information is automatically surfaced as agents work within Salesforce Service Cloud and as customers engage in Community Cloud. 
  • Proactive, Intelligent Insights: The Coveo for Salesforce Insight Panel easily activates within Salesforce and provides tight process integration with Salesforce Service Cloud for enhanced problem solving by automatically surfacing relevant information and experts, within the agent’s flow of work. Key pieces of Coveo for Salesforce functionality highlighted include the abilities to: 
  • Attach case-resolving content surfaced by Coveo to cases for faster resolution
  • Migrate content discovered by Coveo into Salesforce Knowledge with the click of a button
  • Create a Salesforce knowledge base article based on content surfaced by Coveo
  • Surface knowledge experts based on their work on similar cases or content, etc.
  • Search Usage Analytics: Coveo for Salesforce was noted for providing superior search analytics that provide insight into how knowledge is being leveraged by support agents and customers alike. This includes the ability to identify relevance and content gaps, an A/B Testing Dashboard to compare relevancy of updates to content, and a KCS Dashboard that identifies key performance indicators such as Most Popular Clicked Sources, Popular Sources Used for Case Resolution, and others.  

“We’re honored to have received the KCS Aligned designation for our Coveo for Salesforce apps,” said Jennifer MacIntosh, Coveo VP of Customer Success. “This certification underscores Coveo’s ability to deliver product offerings and services in the marketplace that complement and enable KCS best practices to support organizations worldwide.”  

MacIntosh was recently appointed VP of Customer Success at Coveo and leads the company’s customer engagement, viral adoption and customer value generation across Coveo’s intelligent search platform and apps with a focus on changing how organizations work with information and knowledge. As a certified KCS Practitioner who has been helping companies adopt KCS best practices for more than 12 years, MacIntosh assists Coveo customers with their KCS programs and also leads Coveo’s internal KCS knowledge program.

Coveo for Salesforce apps allows customer service organizations to scale operations by connecting information from across a company’s IT ecosystem of record and delivering it to customers and agents within the context of their work. Coveo for Salesforce - Communities Edition helps customers solve their own cases by proactively offering case-resolving knowledge suggestions and Coveo for Salesforce - Service Cloud Edition allows customer support agents to upskill as they engage with customers by injecting case-resolving content and experts into the Salesforce UI as they work.  

To learn more, join KCS thought-leader Jennifer MacIntosh next week, August 20th, for an interactive webinar to learn how service innovators around the world are using intelligent search technologies coupled with user-powered knowledge management approaches to help drive KCS success. Register now.

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