January 6, 2014 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

The Rembrandt Group Invests in Relevant Customer Knowledge with Coveo for Salesforce

The Rembrandt Group, a subsidiary of Rabobank Group, uses contextual knowledge across the Salesforce platform to increase productivity, improve customer experience and better serve customers

  • As part of Rabobank, Rembrandt has comprehensive access to sector knowledge and a global network in more than 40 countries. Its extensive knowledge repositories consist of a growing multitude of documents and expert knowledge, by industry, which is important for serving customers and winning new deals.
  • Rembrandt successfully utilized Coveo’s search & relevance technology for many years. With a mandate to move most systems to the cloud, Rembrandt was eager to utilize the same, industrial-strength indexing technology for its Salesforce Service Cloud environment, leading to the selection of Coveo for Salesforce.
  • Among the systems the company is migrating to Salesforce are SharePoint and Saleslogix, as well as Microsoft Office 365. Its strategy is to consolidate all of the company’s applications to Salesforce, including HR applications.
  • With the application, Rembrandt is easily able to access related information on accounts and opportunities while helping its partners make better and faster decisions. Coveo instantly recognizes the accounts that the colleagues are working on, and automatically recommends content - from across the Salesforce platform as well as within other systems - to help colleagues accomplish their goals, faster and more effectively. Consultants and partners are more productive, leading to better advice.
  • With the help of Coveo, the company plans on increasing the information so colleagues can easily view related documents in the Coveo Insight Panel within the Salesforce UI.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Gerard Snippe, IT Manager, Rembrandt: “A large number of business owners and executives trust us with their most important business transactions - selling, buying or financing their companies. We need the right information at the right time to ensure their greatest success, and Coveo helps us to do that, right in Salesforce.”
  • Diane Berry, Chief Knowledge Evangelist, Coveo: “Helping companies such as Rembrandt become more relevant and responsive to their customers is our mission.  With Coveo for Salesforce we are achieving that goal. We’re always pleased to hear our customers experience the power of contextual knowledge, especially inside of the Salesforce environment.”

About Rembrandt  

Rembrandt M&A is an independent Corporate Finance boutique, focusing on the mid segment of the corporate finance market, the larger and globally oriented businesses. We help managers or shareholders to complete transactions successfully. Our approach is both personal and pragmatic. www.rembrandt-ma.nl


About Coveo

Coveo makes companies more relevant and responsive, by providing technology that delivers in real time the most relevant, context-aware information for every website visitor, every customer and every employee.

Coveo's transformational technology has been recognized as the most complete, end-to-end Search & Relevance platform available today. Coveo takes Enterprise Search to a new, more relevant level by securely connecting with and harnessing an organization’s big, fragmented data from any combination of cloud, social, and on-premise systems. The Coveo Advanced Relevance Engine injects the most relevant knowledge into the context of every user, focusing on three business areas to: 

  • Radically boost Knowledge Management initiatives by making all of its collective knowledge easily accessible & relevant, so that all employees can take the best actions;
  • Inject more relevant knowledge into customer service  and sales interactions; and
  • Personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites and communities.

Coveo is a strategic partner of several leading software companies such as Salesforce.com and Sitecore, and has been recognized as a visionary by Gartner in its 2013 Magic Quadrant. Among Coveo customers are leading organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Rally Software, and Sungard, among many others. For more information, visit www.coveo.com, follow us on the Coveo blogLinkedInTwitterFacebook and YouTube.

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