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New Study Reveals Knowledge Workers Mostly Do Rework

Coveo Research report reveals that only 7 percent of Knowledge Workers surveyed report doing unique work more than 75 percent of the time

San Mateo, CA, and Quebec City, Canada – December 10, 2014 – A new report from Coveo Research uncovers that, counter to their very definition, Knowledge Workers predominantly do work and solve challenges that have already been done and solved before at their organizations. Moreover, the vast majority of Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Management Practitioners surveyed believe that better access to more and personalized information from across their organizations would significantly improve sales, innovation and profitability.

Conducted from June through August of 2014, The Knowledge Rework Report randomly surveyed 412 Knowledge Workers and 337 Knowledge Management Practitioners, primarily in North America. The survey results show that an ability to reuse the majority of an organization’s knowledge and information, personalized for the user at the point of need, creates a multiplier effect far beyond the efficiency of simple time savings.

Counter to popular belief, Knowledge Workers report that they primarily do rework, potentially due to their inability to easily reuse work that has been done previously.

“It’s been well documented that employees spend a great deal of their time searching for, not finding and recreating information. What this study uncovers is the impact on new work: Respondents report that they mostly do rework, as Knowledge Workers rarely have easy access to information relevant to their current work,” said Diane Berry, head of Coveo Research and SVP market strategy at Coveo. “Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Management Practitioners understand the impact of easily accessing personalized knowledge when and where they need it, with the vast majority of respondents projecting this would result in huge increases in organizational performance.”

The survey results highlight a disconnect between what Knowledge Managers believe and what Knowledge Workers find to be true about the nature of knowledge work:

Knowledge Management Practitioners believe Knowledge Workers do unique work more often than Knowledge Workers report, but align on the difficulty of accessing prior knowledge and information.

“Rework simply should not happen in a digital workplace,” said Berry. “The significant amount of rework happening not only wastes time and frustrates employees, it causes a drag on organizational performance. Moreover, frustrated employees often disengage, which has a ripple effect on customer engagement. Improved access to knowledge enables workers to do what theydo best; effectively reuse existing knowledge to create new knowledge that will move their organizations forward.”

Knowledge Workers and KM Practitioners agree: Profitability would grow substantially with more access to past knowledge, personalized for their use.

The survey results indicate that Knowledge Managers and Knowledge Workers believe better access to existing, more relevant information would significantly impact their organization’s performance in innovation, sales and profitability:

“The business impact of being able to reuse prior knowledge is substantial, yet few organizations have established programs to successfully ensure it happens,” said Berry. “Perhaps based on a fundamental belief that knowledge workers predominantly do new work or solve new challenges, most organizations have not attacked the challenge of helping their workforce become more proficient by easily reusing existing knowledge. This report should be a wake-up call to companies to stop the rework and move beyond measures that seek to increase only efficiency to those that can increase Knowledge Worker proficiency, which has a multiplier effect on performance.”

Download the report and read more about the Coveo Research findings.

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