April 7, 2014 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

Diane Berry to Give Talk on The Long Tail of Enterprise Knowledge During the 2014 APQC KM Conference

Coveo announced today that Chief Knowledge Evangelist Diane Berry will present a session about "Leveraging The Long Tail of Enterprise Knowledge" during this week’s 2014 APQC Knowledge Management Conference.

APQC’s 19th Annual Knowledge Management Conference will explore how leading KM practitioners are using engagement and collaboration to address targeted knowledge needs, enhance the flow of information and expertise and improve business performance. At the conference, attendees will discover how KM pacesetters are able to create and sustain KM strategies and cultures in which engagement and collaboration thrive.

Berry will discuss how traditional Knowledge Management programs often fail to cope effectively with the broad variety and velocity of knowledge and information generated within the informal organization. Just as Amazon.com embodies Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory by making a large number of unique items available in small quantities (outpacing traditional competitors that were constrained by physical space), Knowledge Managers can apply the theory to eliminate physical and IT barriers to employees’ sharing of even highly specific knowledge and expertise. The session will focus on how organizations at the forefront of digital experiences are embracing the Long Tail of Collective Enterprise Knowledge to drive significant, proven value.

For more on the topic, read Berry’s latest LinkedIn blog post on Hiring for Skills over Knowledge and download Coveo’s white paper outlining the four elements of transformational Knowledge Management, including how to leverage the Long Tail of Knowledge in your organization.

Supporting Quote:

Diane Berry, Coveo Chief Knowledge Evangelist: “The APQC is an important organization and Coveo is happy to support its Knowledge Management mission. As the APQC says, without KM best practices and technologies, staff members repeat the same mistakes while wasting time reinventing solutions, processes and proposals-increasing costs, risks and frustrating employees and customers alike. I’ve been enjoying our interactions with APQC members and I am excited to speak this week in Houston about how bringing relevant content from across the knowledge ecosystem into the context of employees is now achievable by all organizations, not just the largest with the most resources.”

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