February 21, 2014 | San Mateo, CA And Quebec City, QC

Coveo Named a Knowledge Management Leader by KMWorld Magazine

The industry's top publication names Coveo one of its "100 Companies That Matter" for its growth, vision and user success around Search & Relevance Technology

Today Coveo announced that it has been named by KMWorld Magazine as one of its annual “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management,” recognizing the most innovative and visionary providers within the knowledge management industry.

Now in its 14th year, the list represents a year-long collaborative effort among colleagues, analysts, system integrators and a select group of users. Honoring the best and brightest in the industry, it’s intended to spark a larger discussion of knowledge management.Coveo has been mentioned on this prestigious list every year since the company’s inception.

This award also recognizes Coveo’s commitment to the reinvention of knowledge management processes and practices. Coveo recently announced the appointment of a Chief Knowledge Evangelist, Diane Berry. With the premise that knowledge is a huge and yet primarily untapped asset-and that current Knowledge Management practices fail to tap into the “Long Tail” of knowledge - she works towards fundamentally changing how organizations think about and leverage their collective knowledge.

The full list of winners will be featured in the March issue of KMWorld, online and in print on March 1. For KMWorld readers interested in learning more about Coveo’s ability to uncover and empower relevant contextual knowledge, please read the story of how SunGard became more relevant to its customers as part of the February 2014 issue.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Diane Berry, Chief Knowledge Evangelist, Coveo: “We applaud organizations such as KMWorld that share our passion and enthusiasm for radically changing how companies approach knowledge management. We’re at a time in business where collective knowledge is so powerful, yet so little is understood about how it can be best leveraged. We appreciate the recognition from our friends at KMWorld and its contributions to the KM community.”
  • Hugh McKellar, KMWorld Editor-in-Chief: "Criteria for inclusion varies, but all companies have things in common. Each has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one, and they all share two things-the velocity of innovation and the agility to serve their customers."

About Coveo

Coveo makes companies more relevant and responsive, by providing technology that delivers in real time the most relevant, context-aware information for every website visitor, every customer and every employee.

Coveo's transformational technology has been recognized as the most complete, end-to-end Search & Relevance platform available today. Coveo takes Enterprise Search to a new, more relevant level by securely connecting with and harnessing an organization’s big, fragmented data from any combination of cloud, social, and on-premise systems. The Coveo Advanced Relevance Engine injects the most relevant knowledge into the context of every user, focusing on three business areas to:

  • Radically boost Knowledge Management initiatives by making all of its collective knowledge easily accessible & relevant, so that all employees can take the best actions;
  • Inject more relevant knowledge into customer service and sales interactions; and
  • Personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites and communities.

Coveo is a strategic partner of several leading software companies such as Salesforce.com and Sitecore, and has been recognized as a visionary by Gartner in its 2013 Magic Quadrant. Among Coveo customers are leading organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Rally Software, and Sungard, among many others. For more information, visit www.coveo.com, follow us on the Coveo blogLinkedInTwitterFacebook and YouTube.

About KMWorld:

The leading information provider serving the Knowledge, Document and Content Management systems market, KMWorld informs more than 45,000 subscribers about the components and processes - and subsequent success stories – that together offer solutions for improving business performance. KMWorld is a publishing unit of Information Today, Inc.

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