Drive Profits by Replacing Endeca Search

If you’re still using Endeca, you’re missing out on profit.
There was a time when Endeca search was enough, but today this legacy technology requires extensive maintenance and cannot help you optimize conversions.
Replace your legacy search and unleash the power of AI.

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Never miss out on a conversion opportunity

Never miss out on a conversion opportunity

Searching for a product on a website, choosing the one they want, and then finding out that specific variant is not available is not the kind of experience you would want your customers to have. Nor being able to find a product on your website while it is actually available in a store five miles away. This happens because Endeca does not support omnichannel capabilities and leaves information siloed in disparate sources.

Coveo unifies content across multiple sources into a single index, making every product discoverable. With the entire catalog available from one search box, you will never miss out on a conversion opportunity.

Deliver More Accurate Search Results

Deliver More Accurate Search Results

Today’s shoppers expect powerful and intuitive search experiences that deliver the content they need right when they need it. With Endeca, your website falls short of expectations on even the most basic level of relevance by not being able to handle standard capabilities like synonyms. Why make it harder for your shoppers to find the products that they need?

Coveo’s AI-powered semantic engine uses Natural Language Processing to understand customer intent. The most relevant results are returned for all queries - no matter how specific, complex or incomplete. Are you looking for an “elegant dress for a cocktail party”? Just ask for it. Coveo will understand what elegant means and what the best match is for the occasion.

Achieving higher product search relevance through the guided customer journey

Boost customer lifetime value with AI-powered personalization

Boost customer lifetime value with AI-powered personalization

In the digital era, personalization is essential. Personalized experiences are key to increasing customer lifetime value. With no real AI capabilities, Endeca cannot deliver any of that - you are stuck with manual segmentation.

Coveo for Commerce uses Machine Learning and granular usage data to tailor every customer touchpoint through dynamic facets and filters, query suggestions and product recommendations. Just ask our current customers who have seen conversion rates increase by up to 30 percent.

Usage Analytics

Reduce maintenance costs by replacing Endeca

Reduce maintenance costs by replacing Endeca

If you’re using Endeca, you’re wasting valuable time, money and resources in continuous manual adjustments to provide even basic search and discovery capabilities.

Thanks to its AI-powered computational engines, Coveo for Commerce takes care of optimization automatically, allowing merchandisers to focus on more important things, such as launching new product lines or creating better content. With Coveo for Commerce you can forget about excessive maintenance, and instead benefit from a higher ROI.

Optimization automatically replacing Endeca

Learn more about our Commerce solution

Learn more about our solution for your Endeca replacement

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