On-Demand Webinar

Scale Your Support Organization Using AI: A RingCentral Case Study

Duration: 52:43

Presented By:

Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Jeff Harling



John Ragsdale

VP of Research, Technology and Social


In highly competitive industries, creating distance between you and the competition often comes down to who succeeds in delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences at scale.

Faced with soaring subscriber growth, RingCentral journeyed through a digital transformation that started with perfecting search for customers, and in the end, resulted in a more cohesive knowledge management (KM) strategy that unified content and increased search engine optimization (SEO) value so that end customers could self-serve and remain engaged online.

In this customer-oriented session, learn about RingCentral’s journey and how you can identify:

  • Key signals that it’s time for a change
  • Prerequisites for an effective AI journey
  • Key metrics to achieve a measurable ROI
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