On-Demand Webinar

New in Coveo - Workplace

Duration: 30 minutes

Presented By:

Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Wim Nijmeijer

Senior Solution Architect, Coveo

A monthly look at the new features and capabilities designed for you.

In our second New in Coveo webinar series, we will cover the latest capabilities for Search Architects, Knowledge, and Workplace Leaders.

Attention and investment in the Workplace has drastically increased with the new remote work reality. Companies everywhere are focused on creating an intelligent and relevant workplace experience that helps employees get their jobs done with ease. 

Join our team of experts to learn about new features that can be applied to your digital workplace to augment employee performance: 

  • Improved connectivity and enhanced security settings for cloud-based and on-premise applications empower employees to work confidently and to seamlessly access content.
  • Location enhancements including data residency that allow multinational companies to support knowledge discovery globally.
  • See how Coveo can create a personalized knowledge hub with collaborative features such as People360, Related Documents, and chatbot recommendations.
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