Natural Language Search, What’s All the Hype?

Vincent Bernard

Vincent Bernard is the Coveo Labs Director. Based in Quebec, he worked as an Enterprise Architect and as an entrepreneur in the ERP market. Vincent joined Coveo in January 2017 and now leads the architecture team. When Vincent isn’t busy building global solutions, you can find him playing music with a fondness for analog synths, electric guitars, and more!

Hanieh Deilamsalehy

Hanieh is a Senior NLP researcher at Adobe Research in Seattle. She received her Ph.D. from Michigan Technological University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research interest is broadly Machine Learning with specific focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Prior to Adobe she was a Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft, where she worked on developing ML features for multiple Microsoft products.
She has been working on various research projects including text summarization, segmentation, key-phrase extraction, recommendation systems, and etc.

Kurt Cagle

Kurt Cagle is the managing editor of Data Science Central, the largest community of data science practitioners on the Internet, and is publisher and editor of The Cagle Report. He is also an editor and senior ontologist for the IEEE Spatial Web specification, focusing on metaverse, digital twin, and related shared world technologies.

Eric Immermann

Eric Immermann leads Perficient’s Search practice. His team focuses on helping customers make content and data more accessible, increasing its value and removing barriers that limit its usability. With over a decade of experience in helping many of the worlds largest organizations architect, implement, manage and utilize their data repositories and related systems, Eric is always on the lookout to help others unlock the potential of their data. Over the years, Eric has been leveraging Coveo in many innovative ways. He was directly involved in implementing Coveo for Site Search, Provider Search, Service Search, Enterprise Search, Sales Search and Commerce capacities using the entire Coveo platform. He also led the design and development of Perficient Handshake – a framework to enable easier implementation of 3rd party connectors, complete with security and in-line data transformation.

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