Insight Engines:

The Science Behind Magical Experiences

Duration: 49:33

Presented By:

Laurent Simoneau

Founder, President and CTO

Laurent Simoneau is Co-founder, President and CTO of Coveo, and is considered one of industry’s top enterprise search experts. Prior to Coveo, Laurent was CTO of Copernic, an early leader in desktop search, where he oversaw the company’s product strategy and directed the research and development of core technologies. Laurent also served as Chief Operating Officer at Copernic during which he successfully orchestrated the spin-off of the company’s enterprise search division in 2005 into what is now Coveo.

Laurent is a graduate of Université du Quebec, where he holds an MBA degree. He resides in Quebec City with his wife and children.

An inside look at the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

AI can empower companies to tailor every experience to an audience of one. And an organization’s ability to harness that potential to reshape the digital experiences it creates will determine whether you succeed or merely wither away in an AI-take-all economy.

Join the Co-Founder, President and CTO of Coveo, Laurent Simoneau, as he shares his observations and predictions on trends shaping the Insight Engines market. You’ll also learn why Coveo has been recognized as a leader, and furthest on the “completeness of vision” axis by Gartner in the newly released 2019 Magic Quadrant for the category. 

From how we buy to how we work, Laurent will dive deeper into trends shaping AI-powered experiences:

  • What's driving the need for an Insight Engine across industries
  • How to tailor your digital experiences for an audience of one
  • The trends guiding our investments in 2020 and beyond