Victory with Voice:

How to Enhance Service Cloud Voice with Analytics and Search

Duration: 45 minutes

In a world where white glove customer experience is not only a desire but a requirement of organizations, it is crucial to ensure that every interaction the customer has is seamless. With Service Cloud Voice, customers are brought in to a true omni-channel experience across all of the service touchpoints in the Service Cloud console. But what happens after the first call?

With Coveo and Natterbox, the omni-channel experience of Service Cloud Voice is enhanced with strong telephony, analytics, and search. Watch this demo-led webinar to gain insight into how you can leverage the power of AI and telephony to increase case deflection and enhance the power of your call center today.

In this session you will walk away with an understanding of the following:

  • How Natterbox brings voice natively into the Salesforce platform
  • How Coveo leverages machine learning to deliver content in context to service teams
  • How Coveo and Natterbox support Salesforce functionality to deliver a more connected experience to agents and customers
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