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How Adobe is Unifying the Digital Workplace with AI-Powered Search & Knowledge

Presented By:

Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Rosanna Stephens

Product Management Lead, Workplace Search & Knowledge, Adobe

Rosanna Stephens is a Senior Product Manager at Adobe, where she leads an enterprise-wide workplace transformation focused on delivering employee knowledge and search experiences. She believes that the secret to building exceptional employee experiences is a special balance between technological innovation and a deep empathy for human needs.

Rosanna is an Identity Excellence Award winner at Adobe for her leadership in driving a marked increase in employee productivity and customer self-service success through knowledge. Prior to Adobe, Rosanna was a Knowledge & Information Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she won a Leading the Way Award for designing and implementing an integrated knowledge and development lifecycle to enable teams to deliver higher quality products more quickly.

As a knowledge management expert, Rosanna draws on over fifteen years of experience in knowledge management and customer experience across academic libraries and software companies, as well as certifications in Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and Knowledge Management (CKM) and a Masters in Library Science (MLS) from Indiana University.

When she isn't convening the San Francisco Bay Area Knowledge Management community, leading Adobe's Knowledge Management Council, or conducting market research using design thinking, she enjoys practicing her flute, immersing herself in yoga poses, and going to the beach with her husband and son.

Employees want a simple and effective digital workplace so they can deliver value, so how can we meet their needs? When individual departments choose their own point solutions with varying taxonomies and data structures to meet their own goals, it results in a fractured employee experience. This “siloed” effect is the result of decentralized decision making and the lack of proactive data & knowledge management strategies.

At the core of the digital workplace are individual applications that serve different needs, each often offering its own set of data and knowledge that employees struggle to access. By thinking differently and focusing the enterprise IT strategy on AI-powered search and knowledge, teams can begin to unlock their potential towards a unified digital workplace that works for employees.

Watch to learn how Adobe strategizes to create a unified workplace experience that crosses company sites, departments and applications. You will learn the importance of:

  • Using search and knowledge as core pillars to unify the digital workplace
  • Combining design and agile thinking to meet the voice of employee
  • Elevating IT’s role in shaping the employee experience
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