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Delivering Omni-Channel Self-Service Experiences

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Presented By:

Laurel Poertner

Director of Knowledge Service


Jeff Harling



Bonnie Chase

Director, Product Marketing at Coveo

Create a simpler, quicker and more efficient customer experience that costs less

Your customers expect the same quality of service regardless of how they reach you. Each channel -- whether assisted service or self-service -- must be highly relevant to your customers’ issue. An omni-channel approach to customer self-service ensures that their experience is consistent and seamless across all digital channels. 

In this session you’ll hear how our customers, Laurel Poertner, Director of Knowledge Service at F5 and Jeff Harling, AVP at RingCentral, have transformed their businesses in order to facilitate the creation of an effortless customer experience across digital channels, including social, communities, knowledge bases, chat and chat bots. 

Watch now and learn: 

  • How to gain buy-in from key stakeholders across your business for an omni-channel strategy 
  • Where AI and content help inform your day-to-day and your forward-looking strategy
  • The measurable impact an omni-channel strategy has on different business areas, including effort, speed, cost and customer satisfaction 


Watch the session here, on-demand

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