Live Demo

Coveo AI-Powered Search & Relevance for ServiceNow

2 sessions: 2pm EST and 2pm BST

Join our Coveo experts for this live demo to see how we can help you connect to content outside of ServiceNow - and make it all available in one unified experience inside the platform. Join our live demo to find out how Coveo can help you:

  • Unify and rank the most relevant content across multiple sources
  • Eliminate agent ‘swivel chair’ by bringing content directly to your ServiceNow workflow
  • Empower agents with insights on the full customer support journey
  • Reduce portal fatigue and making ServiceNow your ‘first stop shop’ for employee experiences
  • Have complete line-of-sight into how your employees and customers search for and use content

Our experts will walk you through some of our customers’ support sites to show you what relevant support experiences look like!

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