Video Case Study

Using Data to Guide F5's Digital Transformation

Duration: 00:03:19

How F5 transformed their digital experience with AI-powered search and recommendations

Peter Cook manages the mission-critical business transformation of F5 as its Vice President of Digital Transformation. F5 “gives the world’s largest businesses, service providers, governments, and consumer brands the freedom to securely deliver every app, anywhere—with confidence. F5 delivers cloud and security application services that enable organizations to embrace the infrastructure they choose without sacrificing speed and control.”

As F5 transitions to a subscription-based model, the company needed to elevate its digital strategy. However, transformation at this scale requires more than just one-off tactics - and buy-in from key stakeholders on the team.

Peter used Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations to deliver early “quick wins” to catalyze the company’s digital transformation and communicate the value of his vision for digital transformation. Now, all 50+ of their client-facing web properties are unified to deliver one continuous digital journey that exceeds their customers’ expectations. Find out more about their journey by watching the video.

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