Video Case Study

Cutting Costs with Case Deflection at Tableau


As the Tableau moved to a subscription-based business model for their data analytics software, Senior Program Manager of User Experience Dave Jobling knew that he needed to ensure that customers were supported throughout their lifecycle with content and support. The company chose to transform the self-service experience with Coveo. The results: up to $18 million saved per year.


As part of the move to the new model, the team knew that “user experience was paramount” and that search was central to start improving that experience. The team wanted to ensure that customers could find what they needed with ease- and chose Coveo to make that a reality.

Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations empowered Tableau to enable their customers not only to find information, but effectively self-serve. The savings from increased case deflection have been valued at more than $1 million per month.

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