Video Case Study

Scaling Customer Engagement While Improving Agent Value at Xero

Duration: 4 min

Airdre Knox, Nigel Piper, and Ben Gilmore are leaders at Xero, a SaaS company specializing in cloud-based accounting software geared toward enabling small businesses to thrive. They’re currently one of the fastest growing SaaS companies, employing over 2,500+ people across the globe. 

Xero found that customers were having difficulty finding information on their main support portal, Xero Central. Given that over 90% of the questions asked could be served by content, this was highly problematic. Even simple questions resulted in case creation, frustrating customers and agents alike.  

After implementing Coveo, findability was no longer an issue. “It was the number one question people were raising in cases, now it barely hits the top one hundred,” Knox noted. It became easy for customers to get answers quickly and self serve at scale. This not only improved the support experience for customers, but for agents as well, empowering them to handle more complex matters. 

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