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Reducing Incoming Calls with AI-Powered Self-Service at RingCentral

 “We’re moving into an age of artificial intelligence.” -RingCentral Senior Director of Global Self-Service Jeff Harling

In his role, Jeff is responsible for the customer journey, ensuring every interaction is frictionless and effortless for RingCentral’s tens of thousands of customers - and that requires content. As they have grown from a small business to the largest global provider of communications systems, the company has had to reimagine their customer journey to empower customers to find the answers they need without the intervention of a live agent.

To do this, Jeff implemented Coveo Salesforce integration in their self-service community and immediately saw fewer calls coming into the contact center.. Using the analytics and machine learning of Coveo for Salesforce, the team is also able to make predictive and powerful recommendations to anticipate their customers’ needs. RingCentral now has a “simpler, quicker, more efficient customer experience that costs RingCentral less and costs the customer less time as well,” Jeff said. “We’ve really just empowered our folks internally and externally with Coveo.”

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