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Harnessing Insights to Increase Sales at Formica

Blake Shipley is a marketing and technology innovator at Formica, a leading provider of surfacing solutions for residential and commercial customers. Chances are you’ve seen their countertops in homes as well as their floors and walls in hotels.

Working for a product-based company, Blake understood the importance of being able to get the right product information to customers at the moment they need it. However, Formica faced the reality of having a product-based site that was unsearchable. They were not able to push custom content to global users or get data back on user search activity in order to create content to fill their gaps.

Coveo helped to address these challenges by giving Formica an instantly searchable site. They saw dramatic improvement in the findability of product information on a global scale and were able to use Coveo search analytics to identify and fill content gaps. Beyond enhancing search, they were able to utilize insights to achieve high-level personalization and truly unleash the power of AI. “The Machine Learning aspect of Coveo is really helping us take our customers on a journey by allowing us to recommend products for them,” he said.

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