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Empowering Digital Commerce Teams at Caleres

Duration: 4 min

“The search for a platform was really a search for a new philosophy for how to move forward. We were looking at things that empowered eCommerce teams to run their websites - to be the closest ones to the customers in the marketing channels that communicate what we're doing. Coveo is a very strategic part of that.”

Dan Cornwell is Director of eCommerce & Digital Experience at Caleres, a portfolio footwear company that owns and operates various brands, such as Famous Footwear and Allen Edmonds. The 2.8 billion dollar company does it all from design to wholesaling and believes in being focused on the customer and relevant customer experiences to foster their growth.

As part of their re-platform project, Caleres has partnered with Coveo to upgrade their eCommerce operations so they can empower and enable their eCommerce teams in a hands-off, automatic way, to deliver positive and personalized website experiences. With the rise of eCommerce, the company has been looking to build the right foundations for present and future growth, with the right systems. With Coveo’s machine learning, their websites are able to constantly learn and improve with smarter recommendations from the volume and business they’re already getting, freeing up the team’s time to focus on new functionalities.

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