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Developing a State-of-the-Art Experience at Ellucian

“Coveo is the great unifier”, and its AI-powered search technology has empowered Ellucian to do just that, stitch together the digital experiences of their different solutions to deliver the most relevant information to their customers, at every interaction. This not only resulted in an improved ability for their customers to find the correct information on their first time searching, but also has led to a 38% improvement in case deflection, and a 76% decrease in search without results.

Jamie Battin is Director of Customer Community at Ellucian, a software and services company serving the higher education market space. Universities and colleges use their software to offer the tech-savvy school experiences their students expect.

As a tech company, Jamie explains that “Ellucian understands the importance of being current in technologies and in improved experiences for customers”. However, their past customer experience was fractured and disjointed, and made it frustrating for their users to find what they were looking for, the moment they needed it.

Their journey towards relevant and efficient customer experiences started by understanding their customers’ needs. “Customers will inform your roadmap, and where you should be heading”. Ellucian now offers a best of breed digital experience throughout their different solutions, and Coveo has helped them provide the most relevant experiences to their customers, enabling them to self-serve efficiently. “It’s all about relevance. It’s all about content that will be meaningful to the individual. Without that, it’s noise.”

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