Ecommerce Personalization RFP Template and Weighted Vendor Scorecard

Issuing an Ecommerce Personalization RFP is complex and time-consuming. To make your selection process easier and get the best results, download our Ecommerce Personalization RFP template and vendor scorecard.
RFP template

Streamline Your Personalization RFP Process by Accessing :

  • An Ecommerce personalization RFP Template foundation that covers all the critical capabilities.
  • A comprehensive list of questions to ask Ecommerce personalization vendors.
  • Guidelines to assess the relevance of different requirements to your strategic project to create personalized Ecommerce experiences.
  • Vendor Answer Sheets to start collecting RFP responses from different Ecommerce personalization technology vendors.
  • A weighted scorecard and vendor comparison tool to easily compare rates and rank Ecommerce personalization vendors according to their ability to fulfill your most important criteria.

Your Opportunity to Stand Out

Ecommerce personalization has been a trend for over a decade, yet brands and retailers still struggle to get it right. Issuing a compelling Request for Proposal (RFP) is critical to selecting the right technology and effectively personalizing shopping experiences, yet the RFP process is still time-consuming and increasingly complex.

Ecommerce Personalization Continues to Evolve

To unleash the true potential of Ecommerce personalization and provide shoppers with effective, relevant experiences, it is imperative for brands and retailers to have a comprehensive view into cutting-edge Ecommerce personalization technology and capabilities. However, getting your RFP template right has become increasingly difficult, especially considering how the category of Ecommerce personalization has evolved and broadened in response to rapidly changing consumer, technology and regulatory trends.

Coveo Makes the RFP Process Easier

From the deep synergies between Ecommerce search and Ecommerce personalization technologies to the rising importance of Deep Learning in driving hyper-personalization, there are plenty of elements that you need to consider when issuing your Ecommerce Personalization RFP. To make the RFP process easier for you and increase your chances of getting relevant RFP responses quickly, we have created a free, customizable RFP template that also comes with a vendor scorecard to easily compare Ecommerce personalization vendors.

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