2023 Enterprise Tech Report on Search & AI in Ecommerce

What are the top challenges of enterprise search in 2023?

What are the top challenges of enterprise search in 2023?

For this report, we surveyed 600 enterprise tech professionals on search and artificial intelligence — and focused on the 76 associated with large retail firms. Take a look at some of the challenges they shared with us:


  • Search investments are disconnected. While 94% of organizations are investing on improving their enterprise search tools, they’re addressing singular search issues.
  • Search intent is still out of reach. Despite using valid enterprise search tools, they still don’t let shoppers find relevant results that match their query.
  • Executive engagement is lacking. 96% of tech leaders revealed that there’s a disconnect between the need for an enterprise search solution and the business support.
  • They’re struggling to find expertise. As enterprise search becomes a key digital transformation driver, the skills required to unlock its full potential continue to grow.
  • 99% say they’re manually tuning search. The implications for this in ecommerce are significant. Providing merchandising that drives higher conversions is almost impossible with manual labor.

Search is essential to ecommerce success, yet very few prioritize it or get it right. An AI-powered search engine can help you deliver relevant results for your shoppers!

Get the report to discover all the challenges in enterprise search — and how you can optimize this key capability for your ecommerce business.

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