Guide to Optimizing Your Site Search Conversion Rate

How to Boost Conversions with Intelligent Site Search

If your site search experience is just an afterthought, think again. Bad search can hurt your conversion rate. See which on-site search metrics you should start paying attention to and learn how to leverage your search experience to boost conversions.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • 8 of the most overlooked best practices in search experience
  • Effective search-to-conversion accelerators
  • Machine learning techniques to deliver personalized experiences
  • Why search users are twice as likely to convert
How to optimize your onsite search metrics

An opportunity to stand out

Search users are 216% more likely to convert than regular users. Despite this, only 15% of companies have dedicated resources to optimizing their site search conversion rate, and only 7% are learning from internal site search data and leveraging it in other areas. 

User search data and site search benchmarks can be used in targeting paid campaigns, personalizing nurture pathways, filling content gaps, or even gleaning product ideas. It’s clear that companies effectively implementing an intelligent site search strategy not only put themselves in a opportune position to capitalize on their customers’ intent, but in one to surpass their competition.

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