Intelligent Shopping: Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Experience

What do the best online shopping experiences have in common? They’re friction-free, add-to-cart-worthy, and beyond personalized whether it's a customer’s first or fifteenth visit. Intelligent shopping is the future of retail. See how 3 companies are getting it right.

Keep customers coming back with AI-enabled experiences

  • 85% of companies believe AI gives them a competitive advantage
  • 20% of online stores have incorporated AI in some capacity
  • 90% of shoppers would return to a site with personalized recommendations

The stakes for ecommerce have never been higher

Did you know that 6 out of 10 shoppers leave a site because of a poor digital experience? Whether shoppers are browsing, discovering, or adding to cart, they’re comparing every ecommerce experience to the standard set by digital-first companies. When an experience is clunky, customers look elsewhere.

How can you shore up with fewer resources and a smaller infrastructure? By leveraging data from every interaction using AI.

What is intelligent shopping?

Intelligent shopping is the use of machine learning across a company’s entire catalogue to deliver personable, unique shopping experiences. As data from a customer’s interactions are collected, AI automatically detects their intent and displays product recommendations they’re more likely to purchase.

Customize product recommendations for Tom, Dick, and Harry

AI in online shopping delivers far beyond segmented personalization. Instead, it prioritizes search results and recommends add-ons based on each individual shopper’s interactions and desires. Get it right and customers might not notice it, but they’ll add on to their purchases and keep coming back for more. After all, a customer’s click is always right.

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