Your Guide to Delivering Intelligent Self-Service

Intuitive self-service provides a better experience while keeping your customers’ questions from turning into cases. Learn from industry leaders how to deflect cases by creating personalized customer self-service experiences.
How to create an intelligent customer self-service support strategy

Through real-world examples, this ebook explores:

  • Why service leaders are using data-driven insights to tailor self-service experiences
  • How intelligent search and case submission increase case deflection
  • How full customer data trails help reduce pressure on agents and lower case resolution time
Self service adoption: Learn from global industry leaders

This is the impact of intelligent self-service

  • +38% Case deflection at Ellucian
  • -15% Call volume at RingCentral
  • $18M Annual cost savings at Tableau

Are you ready to simplify your self-service strategy?

By implementing the 7 best practices for intelligent self-service success outlined in this guide, you can better serve your customers without sacrificing your bottom line. Plus, you’ll learn from Coveo customers who are already seeing results, including Informatica, Ellucian, VMware, Tableau, and others. Future-proof your customer self-service support strategy by increasing your data insight capabilities.

What is intelligent self-service?

Intelligent self-service is making customers proficient in solving their issues by unifying your organization's existing content and data, then delivering what’s most relevant via your support portal thanks to machine learning.

It’s how you increase customer satisfaction while keeping your service department’s headcount flat. And, it’s the quickest way to boost case deflections while decreasing your support costs.

This said, most important for any business is the fact that intelligent self-service is statistically proven to be the most preferred form of service by customers, keeping them engaged, happy, and committed to your brand. Self-service adoption is the inescapable future for any company looking to maintain trust in their consumer base and a leading position in their marketplace.

Be on your way to intelligent self-service success

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