How To Make Your Customer Service Metrics Soar

5 best practices to build a relevant customer service experience

5 best practices to build a relevant customer service experience

  • Bring together your customer service team and IT department. 57% of our top performing clients let their customer support team make decisions — as they have deep knowledge of customer service metrics (Best practice 1).
  • Use machine learning models to improve search relevance — by delivering customer service recommendations to support agents and self-service customers, helping speed up your case response time (Best practice 2).
  • Ensure all your relevant support content is searchable. 60% of our top performers indexed five or more content sources — from websites, CRMs, support communities — putting relevant knowledge at customers’ and support agents’ fingertips (Best practice 3).
  • You don’t need a mature KCS program to create relevant experiences. Companies at all stages in their knowledge-centered service (KCS) journeys can create strong relevance programs (Best practice 4).
  • Communicate and promote the use of tools. 52% of our top performer clients communicate regularly to their customer support team about ad-hoc updates — leading to higher satisfaction and tool adoption (Best practice 5).

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