6 Techniques for Self-Service Success

A lack of self-service capabilities should never be the reason for churning a customer. Follow these 6 techniques and be on your way to offering relevant support tailored to every customer without taking up an agent’s time. Go beyond customer expectations by providing helpful content relevant to their context before they even know they need it!

The approach detailed in this guide covers:

  • How to identify the right content to drive self-service success
  • How to make your support content quickly accessible no matter where it resides
  • Why intelligent search is key to a robust case deflection strategy
  • Ways to offer proactive contextually-relevant support
  • How to leverage machine learning to improve customer experiences
  • Which analytics to measure for case deflection and self-service success

Evolve your service, delight your customers

  • 72% Prefer self-service Forrester
  • 20-80% Reduction in time to answer Gartner
  • 18% Reduction in support costs Gartner

The impact of self-service on your organization

Most customers prefer to find information on their own, without seeking assistance from a customer service agent. If they can’t find information easily or it takes too long, customers turn elsewhere. That’s why effective customer self-service should be a key part of every service team’s customer retention efforts.

Take your self-service capabilities to the next level with the 6 techniques outlined in this guide. Delighted customers, enhanced case deflection, and increased ROI are just around the corner.

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