6 Strategies to Boost Self-Service in Salesforce Experience Cloud

Digital customer self-service has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction. Get this guide to learn how to transform your Salesforce Experience Cloud into the most relevant, efficient support site it has the potential to be.
6 Strategies to Boost Case Deflection in Salesforce Experience Cloud

The impact of relevance in digital support

  • 120%
    Increase in case deflection Informatica
  • $18M
    In support cost savings Tableau Software
  • 30%
    Boost in self-service success Salesforce

You have a Salesforce community, now what?

Learn how you can turn up the dial from delivering “good enough” self-service experiences, to creating relevant and contextual digital support journeys that deliver on their full potential of case deflection and customer success. Download this ebook to learn the 6 techniques that will transform your Salesforce community into a case deflection engine.

Boost your self-service success with proven strategies for Salesforce Experience Cloud

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