5 B2B Ecommerce Challenges: How to Improve Product Discovery

Need tips on improving your B2B ecommerce experience?

Need tips on improving your B2B ecommerce experience?

Solving the complexity of a B2B ecommerce company's product catalog requires calling in a robust technological solution. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, you can improve the search experience of your B2B website by:

  • Offering personalized search results based on custom-specific pricing and catalogs — ensuring that products, items and prices are correctly shown to your different B2B customers.
  • Recognizing the customer’s buying patterns. Based on purchase history that influences what comes up in search results, you can anticipate your buyers' needs and speed their path to those products.
  • Leading customers to informative content — such as product guides, blogs, and how-tos — that guides them through a complex purchase.
  • Showing the B2B buyers whether the items they need are in stock at the seller’s warehouse, or distribution location near them.
  • Allowing buyers to narrow a set of results as they go, with the facets dynamically reordering and changing — based on the product category and filter selections.
  • Delivering recommendations to the customer based on what others in their organization have bought.

Overcome the big B2B ecommerce challenges your buyers face by choosing the B2B solution needed to take your digital commerce to the next level.

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