Self-Service Health Check

Use this checklist to quickly identify areas for improvement in your self-service strategy. Check off the areas where you’re succeeding and put in place an action plan to tackle the rest. Making your self-service support more effective quickly is completely in the realm of possibility. We’ll show you how.

Effortless self-service both you and your customers will love

It’s no secret that the average customer would rather self-serve than call in. The easier they can find answers on their own, the higher their satisfaction with your service or product will be. But impeccable and predictive self-service isn’t just a play to improve your CSAT score. And it takes more than content to make your self-service support truly effective.

When self-service becomes intelligent, it predicts your customers’ needs and becomes an effective way to lower your support costs. Whether a customer finds an answer by checking out smart-filtered community forum posts or by spotting a relevant content suggestion as they fill out (and abandon) an AI-powered contact form, intelligent self-service is an essential case deflection strategy. Delight your customers with effortless and effective self-service options, and you’ll lower the amount of incoming cases.

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