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Powerful intranet = powerful teams

Managing over half a million patients requires copious amounts of information and paperwork. To maintain precision and efficiency, UW Health teamed up with Coveo to deliver a powerful intranet search. Health teams now have the information right at their fingertips. Relevancy at every digital interaction

Relevancy at every digital interaction

Since the initial rollout of Coveo, day-to-day operations of UW Health employees have reported zero complaints, issues or downtime. Noah Locke, Manager of Web Development at UW Health, has future plans for improving self-service and reducing system administration costs through Coveo AI.

  • 10% year-over-year increase in time-on-page
  • 78% decrease in search without results
  • 50% reduction in content gaps, noted on the first day of implementing Coveo

Empower your healthcare team with Coveo

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