Case Study

How ULI’s Knowledge Finder Became a Valuable Member Asset

"In a world where member organizations aren’t allowed to meet, a critical value proposition to our members is the ability to access content has to be virtual and the Knowledge Finder fits that perfectly."

Adam Smolyar CMO/CTO Urban Land Institute



When Coveo’s trusted SI Partner Velir uncovered that driving access to content for members was a key goal of Urban Land Institute (ULI), Coveo had to be brought in.

The Knowledge Finder, ULI members’ go-to resource hub for thousands of resources and exclusive content pieces, has become ULI’s most trafficked digital member tool since its deployment in 2020.

Building a Platform That Meets the Needs of Tomorrow

ULI surveyed the needs of its members and found that there was a strong need for better access to knowledge and content. In fact, 83% of surveyed members said that access to content was a major driver of their membership to ULI.

With more than 45,000 members worldwide with diverse knowledge and interest profiles, CMO and CTO Adam Smolyer knew that an intelligent, scalable, and powerful tech stack had to be at the center of this offering.

The Knowledge Finder had to be capable of delivering:

  • New value to members consistently, driving better adoption and engagement
  • A network effect - exponentially growing value with each new content piece, type, and language
  • Unification of disparate content across 100+ web properties, thousands of events, and separate web properties
  • Personalization of individual browsing experiences

Driving Member Value Using Strategic Investments

ULI's philosophy focuses on an incremental approach to delivering new functionality and capabilities in the Knowledge Finder by investing in technology that allows members to get access to more content and sector focused information.

Coveo plays a pivotal role in this dynamic, as the insight its AI-driven analytics provides information of what members are searching/viewing helps inform prioritization of new investments and content types.

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