Case Study

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Empowering the Public Sector with AI-powered First Call Resolution

  • 23% average in first call resolution across departments
  • 126,000 customers
  • 1.8B annual revenue

Take a look inside

  • How Tyler improved efficiency by going to one knowledge base from four – not by ripping and replacing, but by centralizing access to knowledge management sources with AI-powered unified search. (Page 2)

  • See how Tyler shortened a formerly six-month onboarding process into four, empowering Civic Service agent performance and culminating in an improved employee experience. (Page 3)

  • Learn how Tyler achieved a 2.4 average click rank, meaning best content is found within the top three results, by grounding every part of their KCS practice in personalization. (Page 4)

  • Read about how after realizing success in customer support, how Tyler Technologies expanded Coveo into three marketing use cases — including their careers page. (Page 4)

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