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  • 1992 Founded
  • 10 domains
  • 500+ Stores worldwide

Personalization is critical to CeXs ecommerce strategy

The ecommerce team have been building customer-centricity throughout the online visitor journey and on 10 global domains. To be able to understand their customers at scale they use Coveo-Qubit to power experiences and personalizations including product recommendations, social proof, abandonment recovery, visitor pulse as well as many more.

Our customer has high expectations and they want a personalized experience. CeX has to ensure that each and every time they visit, they have tailored and relevant messages shown to them. With Coveo-Qubit, we’re able to curate experiences around the individual no matter the channel or point in the
customer journey they are in.

Jon Cronin
Brand & Communications Manager

Uncover how your business can use personalization strategies to deliver seamless 1:1 experiences at scale

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