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Creating a Game-Changing Community Experience at Boomi

“We wanted to remove the need for our customers to try to understand where content lives and surface it where they need it instead. Coveo helped us create one centralized hub for all our content where customers can self-serve, driving a 300% increase in case deflection in the first 3 months."

Matt Krebsbach

Senior Manager of Boomiverse



Boomi is a pioneer in enterprise iPaaS, serving over 12,000 customers worldwide. From creating new applications to designing new experiences to inventing new business models, Boomi connects applications, data, and people to accelerate business.

Fixing a disjointed search experience

The Boomiverse community is the hub that enables both IT and business users to instantly connect to what they want, from evaluation, through implementation, and accelerating transformation. Boomiverse has always been an important part of Boomi’s customer experience, but as the customer journey continued to mature with needs for different types of content, it became essential to the overall business strategy in empowering customers to be successful with the Boomi platform.

To keep up with customers’ evolving needs, Boomi decided to move from a legacy community tool to Salesforce Experience Cloud. But with the customizations necessary to build out the new experience, they struggled with providing an effective search and content experience within their community.

The search was only providing Salesforce content, so customers had to go to a different site to find official documentation or training. Videos lived in YouTube and Vidyard, and content lived in their knowledge base and LMS. Instead of making customers jump to multiple platforms, Boomi wanted to turn the community into a single centralized hub where customers could find all the information they needed.

To top that off, because the implementation leveraged both native Salesforce objects and custom objects, search results ended up displaying in two separate lists on the page, making it difficult for the user to tell which results were more relevant and accurate. Feature requests were also lumped together at the bottom of the page, while all the knowledge content was at the top.

This disjointed experience was frustrating, and the Boomiverse team knew they needed to provide an experience where customers could find the information they wanted when they needed it, from one point of access. This would require an intelligent search and machine learning.

Closing gaps and connecting every part of the experience

To find the right solution, Andrew Mishalove, the Global Head of Community & User Groups, worked with their long-time partner 7Summits, a systems integrator that delivers intelligent experiences on the Salesforce platform. 7Summits had been instrumental in helping Boomi identify trends and technologies to stay competitive in a crowded market. This time, they'd help the iPaaS company layer AI-powered search into their community.

"With 7Summits’ support, we were able to put together the necessary roadmap to continue the journey and improve to provide a really game-changing experience." Andrew Mishalove, Global Head of Community & User Groups

The approach was simple – to identify all the content gaps.

Mishalove and team took time to understand the customer journey and experience in the new Salesforce community. Through user analytics and testing, they were able to identify where customers were looking for information, where they were successful, and what caused frustrations in their journey. This helped them identify all of their needs, in terms of search and beyond.

Boomi sought to:
  • Improve the overall user experience of the search
  • Provide personalized content recommendations
  • Index content from a multitude of content and video platforms
  • Drive self-service to reduce case volume
  • Take a holistic approach to analytics to create a more prescriptive experience

With the support of 7Summits, Boomi put together a plan for building a relevant community experience. And the choice was clear, Coveo’s service solutions could tick every one of those boxes.

Boosting engagement through a single point of knowledge

By combining Salesforce with Coveo, Boomi was able to create a community experience that became the single point of knowledge for their customers.

"We are really empowering our customers to be as successful as they possibly can be through technology."Andrew Mishalove

With Coveo’s native integration for Salesforce Experience Cloud, Boomiverse was now able to provide not only Salesforce content, but also surface a wealth of external resources and videos through Coveo’s unified index. Additionally, Boomiverse was no longer a one-size-fits-all experience. With Coveo’s machine learning turned on, learning from all content interactions and fine-tuning results to individual users, Boomi was providing an increasingly relevant and individualized experience for each customer. Plus, with 7Summits there every step of the way helping with the launch, change management, and promotion, the transition to Coveo was smooth.

"It's more than a search – it's helping to define the overall experience."Andrew Mishalove

Boomi has seen great results with its new community experience leveraging Coveo AI inside of Salesforce, including:

  • 300% case deflection increase in the first 3 months
  • 40% growth in overall engagement in the system
  • 60% increase in pageviews

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since the transition. With 97% of Boomiverse sessions involving intelligent search, customers are easily empowered to help themselves. And when a customer does need assistance, support agents can now see what a customer has searched and consulted, allowing them to respond more quickly and efficiently.

Moving forward, Matt Krebsbach, Senior Manager of Boomiverse, wants to extend Coveo’s capabilities into other areas of the organization. This includes providing an in-product help experience, adding intelligent search within their Einstein Bot, and giving support agents full insight into the customer journey across all of their digital touchpoints. Krebsbach is also looking forward to bringing the Coveo event tracking data into their Salesforce ecosystem.

"All of the events already take place and are tracked within Coveo. Pushing this data back into Salesforce onto their user records and account records will give us a better understanding of the challenges our customers are facing, so we can better craft a holistic experience and journey."Matt Krebsbach

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