BiGDUG uses Coveo technology to power personalization across the customer journey.

At a glance

  • 2004 Founded
  • #1 UK’s provider of storage solutions

Personalization is critical to BiGDUGS’ ecommerce strategy

With product recommendations, social proof, personalized content and more, the BiGDUG team is armed with the strategies and best practices to curate experiences that resonate whether an individual is hitting the website for the first time, or is a loyal BiGDUG customer.

Relevancy is key to the success of an ecommerce strategy, if you’re not able to deliver relevant products and offers to onsite customers you’re going to fail. Coveo enables us to deliver that relevance to each and every visitor, helping us to drive loyalty beyond just the first purchase

Steve Wighton
Ecommerce Manager

Uncover how your company can utilize product recommendations, social proof and personalized content to uplift revenue per visit and continually improve customer onsite experience

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