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What if AI could flow through your company systems making key interactions smoother for every user at every touchpoint? With Coveo, you can deliver intuitive experiences that respond to context and behavior without overhauling your current technology infrastructure and team.
Unified Index

One index to sort relevance

  • Centralized intelligence
    Build a single index from structured and unstructured sources to get better relevance across the board.
  • Data made relevant
    Even when content lacks metadata or isn’t tagged, Coveo enriches it. Automatically extract text from images, connect words to concepts, and more.
  • Enrichment at scale
    Continuously enhance your index by feeding it behavioral and contextual data. Our cloud infrastructure can handle massive amounts of data.
  • Secure access
    Give appropriate access to different types of users. Coveo handles security at the index level, not the source, so you can use your channels in whichever way you want.
Machine Learning Cycle
Accessible AI

AI anyone can use

  • Ready-to-use models
    There’s a machine learning model for every discovery problem – from query suggestions and automatic relevance turning to question answering and recommendations.
  • Results you can see
    Activate a machine learning model from the Coveo admin console and see the difference in a matter of hours.
  • No AI experts required
    Don’t worry about engaging in-house data science experts. Our time-tested models are constantly optimized as part of our subscription service.
  • A/B testing
    Compare a machine learning model configuration to your current control (or to no ML at all). Easily conduct tests and demonstrate effectiveness.
All Apps
Cloud Agility

The infrastructure behind secure, performant AI

  • Horizontal scaling
    Access a global cloud infrastructure that auto-scales to ensure every experience is performant, no matter where your customers are located.
  • Ultra-fast
    Deploy Coveo around the world and replicate your search index in multiple regions to deliver an experience that’s fast and frictionless.
  • Constantly optimized
    We release updates multiple times per day, so you can make the most of the latest new features, functions, and fixes.
  • Always on
    Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime. Count on Coveo for delivering relevance consistently.
Cloud Infrastructure
360 Relevance

One data platform to connect them all

  • Full journey tracking
    From clicks to queries to triggered events, collect data across the entire journey. Get the big picture view, recognize patterns, and fine-tune relevance strategically.
  • Omnichannel relevance
    Connect content and interaction data across web, mobile, application, and conversational interfaces. Provide consistent and personalized experiences everywhere.
  • Export events and cohorts
    Read directly from the Coveo data warehouse or schedule data exports for visualization and analysis. In the cloud, your customer data stays accessible and secure.
Admin Experience

Customers should not have to know where information is. It’s irrelevant. Put it together in a logical easy-to-use way, in a state-of-the-art UI. Give them a great experience. And they don’t need to know anything about where it’s located. Coveo is the great unifier of all of that.

Jamie Battin
Director of Customer Community
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  • 100+ supported content types
  • 55+ indexable content sources
  • 4 native UI integrations
  • API keys that unlock unlimited expansion

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