Gain a strategic advantage with the cloud

Make your company and the digital experiences you create rise above the rest with a multi-tenant, SaaS solution.


A modern digital business demands a modern digital platform.

Outdated software and systems hold your business back from rapid innovation. When your employees and customers expect every digital experience to be effortless and their systems to be invisible, you need a platform that is up to the challenge.

Reach your customers everywhere you do business.

A digital business needs to optimize the experience for all, no matter where it's located. From San Francisco to Sydney, Montreal to Moscow, it needs to be responsive and performant.

Coveo is a cloud-native solution that is built to fully exploit a global infrastructure when you need it, so scaling your systems can be as effortless as the experiences you create. We’ll even replicate your indices or host data in regions around the world to deliver an experience that is fast, frictionless, and free of latency.

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Work with what you know.

Extensions help you take Coveo even further. For those extensions that don't exist, Coveo has an API for virtually every platform action. Deliver data to the systems and devices you choose, and connect to others, while still retaining the administration capabilities in the platform.

  • Web Analytics
    Reduce duplication by integrating with Google Tag Manager to capture events and centralize the insights you gather about the user journey of your visitors.
  • AI Services
    Connect to third-party tools, such as Microsoft Cognitive Services and Google Cloud APIs, to further enrich content and enhance natural language understanding.
  • Open and Extensible
    Work with the Coveo platform in innovative ways by leveraging RESTful APIs to support a wide range of integration scenarios.
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The search for a platform was really a search for a new philosophy for how to move forward. We were looking at things that empowered eCommerce teams to run their websites - to be the closest ones to the customers…

Dan Cornwell
Director, eCommerce & Digital Experience, Caleres

Make your search platform as efficient as your business.

Increased interactions should be a cause for celebration not frustration. Keep pace with your growing business and continue to deliver at every moment. With our multi-tenant cloud, delivered as a service, there isn't any event you can't handle or timeline you can't meet.

  • No hardware to buy.
  • No systems to maintain.
  • Seamless product updates.
  • Scales dynamically as you grow.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

This is not another search project for the IT team. Relevance is a team sport. It requires the acumen of your business leaders and the technical savvy of your search developers.

Join forces - business and IT. Coveo lets you visualize and understand everything that’s happening across every touchpoint. This can all be done from the comfort of a full-featured, web-based console, so together you can transform the digital experience.

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