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Hero analytics
Hero analytics

It’s time to see data in a whole new way.

With the rise in digital interactions, organizations are bringing in more and more data from digital experiences, but are not able to understand or act upon it. Your data is your most valuable resource; it’s time to put it to use.

We’re looking at the Coveo platform to help on both sides of those dimensions of being data-driven and customer experience-driven.

Peter Cook
VP, Digital Transformation, F5

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  • Case Study video

    Cutting Costs with Case Deflection at Tableau

    As Tableau moved to a subscription-based business model for their data analytics software, Senior Program Manager of User Experience Dave Jobling knew that he needed to ensure that customers were supported throughout their lifecycle with content and support. The company chose to transform the self-service experience with Coveo. The results: up to $18 million saved per year.

  • Case Study video

    Harnessing Insights to Increase Sales at Formica

    Learn more about how Formica leveraged Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations to dramatically improve their website performance. Blake Shipley, Marketing and Technology Innovator, discusses how Coveo analytics enabled Formica not only to enhance search, but also achieve high-level personalization.

  • On Demand Webinar

    Assess Search Effectiveness with Metrics that Matter

    Watch this webinar replay with Coveo Customer Success Manager, Steve DiMillo, to learn how to infuse relevance into every interaction, and gain visibility into factors that influence customer success by understanding the real-time value of your top 3 data points of your Coveo analytics.

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